Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brad's Deep Map

Baseball and Brad

If you were to look at my "Deep Map" most people would notice one thing above all the other objects. That thing would be the baseball. To many people baseball maybe be just a boring game or a place to go waste a couple hours, but to me baseball has, and still is, a major part of my life.

Any kid could tell you that moving can be really tough. You want to be yourself, yet you want to be accepted and have friends. When I first came to Aurora, I knew no-one and had no friends. My first few months of school were difficult because I really didn't belong to a certain group. However, that all changed when baseball practice began. During t-ball practice, I learned the names of many kids and made many new friends. It was an awesome feeling to know that you and 10 others had something truly in common and to work together towards a similar goal. While playing t-ball that summer, I believe I both made a lot of new friends, but also stuck to being myself.

The game of baseball is not only important to me, but it is also important to my family. Summer after summer, I have spent hours in our batting cage with my dad and brothers hitting buckets of balls. During that time we spent together playing baseball, I have built a strong relationship with my family. My love for the game pushes me to attend all of my brothers' games, and they both go to all of my games. They always are encouraging me and pointing out things I can do better, and I return the favor.

Another activity that my family takes part in that pertains to baseball is our yearly trip to Kansas City to watch the Minnesota Twins play the Kansas City Royals at the end of July. For the entire weekend my family and I go to the baseball games and just enjoy the last part of summer. It is a way to celebrate the summer and a time to rest before the school year begins.
As you can tell, baseball to me isn't just a game. Whether we are watching a game at Mitchell Field, sitting on the couch watching the Little League World Series, or playing home-run derby in the backyard with my brothers, baseball is a major part of my life and I will continue to love the game the rest of my life.

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