Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Writing Marathon Odes

Bleachers Ode

O Northwest wind,
sweeping away
the last remnants of autumn,
preparing us for
the coming season
with your chilling fingers
creeping into crannies
of this thick black coat,
reminding us that Old Man Winter
welcomes us with Blindingly
Cold blasts of Arctic air.

Ode to Autumn

Autumn Sun is a blessing,
staving off the turn
in the temperature,
its last desperate days
to warm the Earth before Arctic
air descends upon us as
the Earth orbits around it,
this cycle of rotation,
a circle, unending,
unbroken, a pattern,
a habit, a permanence,
that sustains us.

Ode to the Law Library

Volumes of brown and red
law books envelop me
with a sense of security,
knowing that generations of citizens
invested their wisdom and insight
into creating laws for the
benefit of me--
the benefit of you--
the benefit of ordinary
citizens who go about their
unaware that book after book,
volume after volume has
been written for them.

Popcorn and Pistachios: A Poem

A greasy bag of popcorn
scutters in the brisk breeze,
spewing its two-day old
contents across the bleachers.

Kernels popped,
coated in bright yellow seasoning salt,
mingling with the dirt left behind
by boots, sneakers,
and shoes,

I look down at my feet,
pale pistachio shells,
scattered here and there,
emptied by a nervous parent
watching eleven players
on a field of intensity.

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